WATERMATIC LTD � experts in Automatic Garden Irrigation

Your garden will remain healthier and survive longer with the correctly controlled application of water. Our tailored systems provide optimum growing conditions whilst using water intelligently and economically.

We use the best engineering principles, techniques and products combined with our expertise to ensure that your investment in our system offers cost- effective water efficiency, reliability and durability.

Precise amounts of water are delivered according to soil composition and plants� needs. And, if it rains, the system can switch itself off (if a rain sensor is installed).

Free your time...


A Watermatic system will save you time and effort whilst giving you peace of mind. You and your family can confidently go on holiday or stay at home and enjoy your beautiful garden.

Benefits include:

  • holiday with peace of mind

  • increased plant life

  • reduction in water costs

  • user friendly latest computer technology

  • recycle your household grey water

  • harvest your rain water

Your garden needs us � NOW!

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Protect your valuable plants, shrubs and trees against inevitable future water shortages.

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