Borders and Beds

Borders and Beds

Automated irrigation systems

Protect your valuable plants, shrubs and trees with the exact amount of required water using Watermatic's automated irrigation system.

Installing the right irrigation system is very important. There are three ways to do this, using micro sprinklers, Drip line irrigation or pop-up sprinklers.

Micro Sprinklers

Watering the heart of the plant

Micro SpriklerMicro sprinklers will spray water in the flower bed to irrigate the plants, these micro sprinklers are staked into the soil about 25cm above ground. We connect each micro sprinkler to a 20mm pipe and locate them strategically to maximise their effect.

Drip Irrigation

Optimising the use of water

Drip IrrigationDrip line irrigation is a method which helps to optimise the use of water when applied to vegetated areas (flower beds, hedges & trees) by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants via a 16mm drip line with drippers positioned every 30mm. Our special drip line has built in self cleaning mechanisms. It is a self regulating, anti siphon device providing even distribution throughout the line. This allows us to know exactly how much to irrigate the borders and beds at different times of the year.

  • The drip line is installed on the surface and evenly spaced for optimized watering

  • In borders and beds, this pipe can be covered using bark or mulch for aesthetic purposes

  • This drip line can be used also for irrigating Living walls and Green roofs

  • Drip irrigation is also officially approved for use during hosepipe bans

If it is not possible to use dripline or micro irrigation in the borders and beds we use pop-up sprinklers instead near the edge of the lawn to deliver a gentle spray of water towards the plants with an even distribution throughout the irrigated area.